Monday, December 28, 2009

Bela and her Drum Set

On Bela’s last birthday, she received this wonderful gift from my brother, a drum set.

Bela is really into music. Maybe she got this love for music because she is a fan of the Little Einsteins show. Every time we are at the mall and she sees any musical instrument, she will be very eager to try it out. Her favorite is the guitar, violin and drums. That is why when my brother asked her what she wants to receive on her birthday, she did not even bat an eyelash and she quickly say “I want a drum set.” And my brother can’t say no to his favorite and one and only niece because he even went to Megamall on the eve of Bela’s birthday to buy the drum set so she can give it to Bela on her exact birthday.

My mom and my dad was looking for copper sinks store when they saw the Yamaha school of music in D. Tuazon, Quezon City. My mom got really excited and they inquired for the classes that they are offering since she knows that Bela will be interested to attend one of their class. As soon as they entered the school, Bela asked the receptionist on where she can find the instruments. My mom asks Bela is she likes to attend a drum lesson class and Bela excitedly said Yes.

We plan to enroll Bela this coming January. She will attend a trial class first so they can see if Bela can handle a formal lesson but the receptionist said that they have students in their drum lessons same as Bela’s age.

The Yamaha School of Music is located at 185 D. Tuazon St corner Malaya St, Quezon City. They are offering the following individual courses:
1. Drums
2. Guitar
3. Piano / Keyboard
4. Voice
5. Wind

Price for 12 lessons: P6,800 plus P300 registration fee
Price for 24 lessons: P13,600 plus P300 registration fee

6. Clavinova
Price for 12 lessons: P7,800 plus P300 registration fee
Price for 24 lessons: P15,600 plus P300 registration fee

7. Bass / Electric Guitar
Price for 12 lessons: P8,500 plus P300 registration fee
Price for 24 lessons: P17,000 plus P300 registration fee

8. Violin
Price for 12 lessons: P8,900 plus P300 registration fee
Price for 24 lessons: P17,700 plus P300 registration fee