Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Havaianas children's flip-flops being recalled

I was not able to catch the early evening news but my aunt told me that there was breaking news today about the recall of Havaianas flip flops.

Around 210,000 Havaianas children's flip-flops is being recalled because the decorative paint that they use for the sole of the flip flops is suspected to have lead that is in excess of what is declared as the safe level by federal standard.

Those flips flops without decorative paint are not being recalled.

The styles of the Havaianas for kids and babies that are being recalled includes: Baby Estampas, Baby Pets, Kids Apple, Kids Fairy, Kids Flores, Kids Lighthouse, Kids Monsters, Kids Surf, Baby Letrinhas, Kids Sports, Kids Candies, Kids Fun, Kids Love, Kids Sereias, Kids Speed, Kids Lucky Bug, Kids Pets, Kids Rock, Kids Slim, Kids Wonder Woman, Kids Small Flowers, and Kids Tropical w/Kit.

Bela loves her Havaianas flip flops as it is really comfortable and so she has quite a few pairs in her collection. So I immediately check if the pair that she has is included in the styles that is being recalled, and unfortunately it is.

This is Bela's current favorite flip flops.I have to do a research now about lead as I am now praning.