Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bela's Close Encounter with the Dolphins

A few weeks ago, we we’re able to visit Ocean Adventure in Subic (you can read my post about it here.) While we we’re having lunch, I checked the website of Ocean Adventure as I know that they have several Animal Encounter Programs.

I got interested with their Dolphin Beach Encounter for Bela. In this animal encounter, Bela can get to experience wonderful whales and dolphins encounter in the shallow water for 30-minutes. The adventure begins with a short presentation on marine mammals, then meets these friendly animals eye-to-eye, hand-to-fin, and foot-to-fluke. Bela can touch, feed, and hug the whales and the dolphins and she can even participate in a demonstration of their sonar ability.

The sun was really up and it was really hot but I don’t mind being exposed to the sun as I know that I can use best eye wrinkle cream for my wrinkles so after learning about this animal encounter program, I called them and reserve a slot for 2:30 PM as I know that Bela will surely enjoy this. We quickly finish our lunch since we need to be there at least thirty minutes before since Bela still has to change to her swimming attire.

When we arrived I went directly to the booking counter and when they saw Bela, they said that she can’t join the Dolphin Beach Encounter as it is for kids 7 years and up. LOL. Too bad, Bela was so excited already and is looking forward to swimming and playing with the dolphins. So I just booked for their dolphin photo encounter instead and she got this close with the dolphins:

cdpo a 01cdpo a 02

She really had a blast and the dolphin trainers were so amazed at how brave she is. She was even able to have her picture with the dolphin on her own when the staff from Ocean Adventure said that for sure she will get scared and asked Howell to pay also so he can join Bela. They refunded Howell’s payment though because Bela did it on her own.

They have an ongoing promo for embassy and airlines employee and they are giving 50% discount for the entrance fee until March 31, 2010. We are planning to go back here as I am sure Bela will not get tired of this adventure.