Sunday, February 28, 2010

For our 10th

Bela will be turning five years old this coming November. My husband and I celebrated our fifth year anniversary last month.

I can’t believe that time flies by really fast. I guess what they always say is true, you won’t notice time if you are really having fun and I can say that having Bela and Howell in my life must be the most fun and fulfilling thing that I ever had in my life.

Howell wanted to have a renewal of vows celebration when we turned five years but since we have plans to get pregnant before 2009 ends, I told him that the planning would be difficult especially if I am pregnant and told him that we might just have it when we turn 10.

If you will ask me, I like to have one of those destination weddings to celebrate our 10th year anniversary like the wedding packages that El Dorado Royale Resort is offering. I always love beach weddings and if we will have it in one of the romantic resorts of Karisma Hotels, then it would really be a dream come true for me. Imagine saying I do again to my husband with the ocean, the sunset and the white sand beach as our background. Then we can have our honeymoon too there as the resorts are really very romantic – Casita Suites with veranda hammocks, king sized Jacuzzi with the view of the ocean from our room. Perfect!