Saturday, February 06, 2010

Parent’s Love

Last Sunday, Bela was really sick. She vomited 7x that day even until 1 AM Monday morning. It started when she drunk Zesto which he threw up a few seconds after drinking it. Since then, she said that she has awie tummy and after every milk feeding, she will throw up again.

We did not want to bring her to the emergency room because we know that all kinds of laboratory exams will be done to her if we admit her there. So we just called hubby’s friend who is a pediatrician because we can't contact Bela's doctor because it is a Sunday and we don't have her cell phone number. Since Bela doesn’t have fever, she said that it is okay if we don’t want to bring her to the hospital yet and she just prescribed pedialite and anti-histamine medicine.

The last time Bela threw up was at 1 AM and the next day she is the same active Bela. But we let her skip school that day and hubby and my mom brought her to her developmental pediatrician in St. Luke’s. Bela had urinalysis but good news is that the results were ok.

Howell said that it breaks his heart every time Bela is sick like that. That is why he will really do anything for Bela. I remember when Bela had allergy and she has been coughing for weeks, Howell immediately installed humidifier filter to help cure Bela’s allergy. Bela is really a daddy’s girl.

But I guess, all parents will really be heart broken seeing their children get sick and be in that condition. That is why we are really hoping that Bela will not get sick like that again and that is what we are always praying for – that God will always protect our kids and keep them safe from any harm and sickness.