Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ocean in my Pocket

Last Friday, I met up with my high school buddies for dinner and coffee at 6:30 PM. I decided to be there early so I can still do some errands before meeting up with them like look for eczema treatment and buy gifts for the Christening and two birthdays that we will be attending this weekend.

As I was going around the toy section to look for gifts, I found this:

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This is a newly released toy which I think came from the same maker of Puppy in my Pocket, Kitten in my Pocket and Jungle in my Pocket. Honestly, I got really excited upon seeing it as I know Bela will go crazy collecting this new set of Ocean in my Pocket toys.

I bought one set and I gave it to Bela this morning and she quickly asked us to open it and she immediately played with it. Bela got tired of collecting the puppy, kitten and jungle in my pocket already as she have almost all the toys in the series so I am happy that they came up with a new series of toy to collection that I am sure Bela will love to collect.