Thursday, February 25, 2010

Securing their Future

My lunch mates are all out today because it is their team building so I just had lunch inside my room. To pass time, I listened to DJ Mo’s interview with Adel Tamano, PLM president who is now running for Senator under the party of Manny Villar.

Adel said that his platform would mostly focus on education as he thinks that it is the most important to help the Philippines get out of poverty. He is running for senate because he is concerned with our country and he is concern because he has kids of his own and one of them even has mild autism so he wants to secure the future of his children by doing his part as a senator to fix our country if he wins.

I feel for him because I too have kids and I am worried too of the future of Bela and our second child if our country continues to sink in poverty. That is why I am also finding ways to secure the future of my kids. Just like now, I am checking for life insurance online quote to check life insurance for me and my husband so we will be sure that our kids will be secured no matter what happens to us. At least we have our own peace of mind that they will be covered no matter what and this is really one of our top priorities.

This coming May, we will be voting again for new leaders of our country. I hope that we will all make the right choice as the future of our country and our kids really lies on the hands of our politicians. So do your research, think hundred times before deciding who deserves your vote this coming election.