Saturday, February 06, 2010

Summer Activities for the Bratinela

I was looking for seo tool to help optimize search engine positioning for my blogs, but then I realized that it is already February and in just a few months it is the summer months again and it is time to look for summer activities for Bela.

We already enrolled her to the drum lessons of Yamaha School of Music. She will have her first lesson next week and she is just so excited. She was suppose to start last week but the secretary of Yamaha made a mistake and made a double booking for the 1:30 schedule and so Bela’s schedule was cancelled. Since it is Bela’s schedule for her vaccine this Saturday, I advised them that we will just start next week.

This is a 12 session lesson, so I know that it will last until summer but I want to look for other classes that we can enroll Bela in. We will definitely enroll her for MSS Magic Strokes and Reading Readiness program (though I am still thinking twice for the Reading Readiness and I have to check who the teacher will be first for that class) so this will be her activity from Monday to Friday.

As for her Saturday schedule, I am checking at Aqualogic’s Aqua Kids class and I want to enroll her here and hopefully it will not be in conflict with her drum lessons. I also am checking for the ice skating lessons of SM though their website doesn’t really provide that much information. Bela actually loves to go back to her ballet class but I inquired at CCP and it will be a 3x – 5x a week program for their summer class since they will have a recital after the summer program. And since she will have an everyday class already at MSS, I don’t think this will be a good schedule for her.

I am excited already and honestly, I really can’t decide which classes should I enroll Bela in this summer.