Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bela's Journal Report: January 18 - 21, 2010

Bela is really doing good in school (do you think I should look for unique gifts for her? LOL.) Her teacher said that she is showing more interest in her writing drills and so I am really happy because that is one of our concern for her if she will be going to big school this school year.

To continue with my posts about Bela’s Journal Report, here is her Journal Report for January 18 – 21.

Dear Mom & Dad,

We are having so much fun learning about different kinds of transportation. Indeed it is more exciting when the kids see the real thing and distinguish them from the pictures we show them in class.

Last Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to get a chance to ride a kalesa. The kids were truly ecstatic with this one of a kind experience. When Ysabela was asked if she wanted to be the pretend driver of the horse, she refused and was content in riding at the back of the carriage. Although she was quite hesitant in coming near the horse for a solo picture, she was still able to smile a little.

In class we have been quite busy learning about different kinds of transportation, reading cvc /at/ words, ordering objects that are first and last and sequencing numbers by identifying what’s before a given number. Ysabela understand a big part of the lessons imparted in class. She has no difficulty in concepts such as = and not =. Number that comes after, more or less, <>. Plus she is able to read most cvc /at/ words except for the word vat. More so, drills on reading cvc words will be very helpful to make her excellent reader.

Our Foundation Day Celebration was also a wonderful experience for the kids as they all blew the birthday candle for MSS’s 9th year foundation.


Side Kwento: I was a bit surprised when I read from the report that Bela is hesitant in coming near the horse as I know that she loves riding and seeing horses. So when I asked her why she doesn’t want to touch the horse, her answer was:

Bela: “Because the horse is stinky mom.”