Saturday, February 06, 2010


Now that I am on my 5th month of pregnancy already, I can already feel my baby move inside me. It is really a wonderful feeling. Howell sometimes gets jealous because he still can’t feel the baby’s kick, not like me, who can always feel how the little baby inside me is growing.

Having Bela is the most wonderful gift we have ever received from God. And now that she is to become an ate soon, we feel more blessed for another blessing that God has given us. I have to deal with loosing weight later (but I know I need not worry since I will be able to find a healthy weight loss program to help me go back to my pre-pregnancy weight) because all I feel right now is nothing but utmost happiness, excitement, joy and love.

We all can’t wait to see the coming of the second addition to our family. Everybody is excited especially Ate Bela. I will have my ultrasound next month and hopefully we will know if we will be having a baby boy or baby girl. I will also have my 4D ultrasound and we are really excited as this will be our first glimpse of how our baby looks like.

I am thankful that after being on bed rest for more than a month, I am doing much better. Please continue to pray for the safety and health of our baby.