Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bela’s Journal Report: January 25 – 29, 2010

Can you suggest any of the best wrinkle treatments available? I will really go crazy and grow old dealing with my current yaya. I already rant about it on my other blog and today is her last day so instead of ruining my day thinking about it, I will just post Bela’s Journal Report for January 25 – 29, 2010.

Dear Mom & Dad,

It is the last week of the month and we had a great time learning new lessons and activities prepared for us.

This week, we had one more exciting activity as reinforcement on transportation. Last week, the kids enjoyed the Calesa ride and this time, they had fun riding a motorcycle, tricycle and motor bike. They were trilled and had fun riding the said vehicles. It was another exciting activity and we can say, what a ride!

Of course, even if it’s been a busy week, we hadn’t forgotten our lessons. For phonics, we introduced two CVC families: /an/ and /ag/. Some kids did not have a hard time blending the letters together while some still need to practice blending and reading. However, we are still doing more drills on this to help them in reading the words much faster. We also talked about rhyming and sight words.

For Math, we still continued to give drills on numbers that comes before, to help them fully master the said concept. We introduced the concept of ordinals (First (1st) – Fifth (5th). We also discussed story sequencing.

For Science, we introduced the different means of communication. They enjoyed our various activities: Call a home plus a fun chat with Mom & Dad. The kids were excited to use the phone and also to talk to their Mom & Dad via the internet and the web cam. Aside from that, they learned how to fax a message using a fax machine and had a great time exploring the different communication gadgets like: Cellphone, walkie talkie, telephone, newspaper, magazine and computer.

Another fun filled week has ended. We await next week’s activities as we will have another fantastic and exciting week.