Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drum Lessons: 1st Day Today

I promised my friend that I will accompany her to look for eczema treatment but I forgot that it is Bela’s first day of class for her drum lessons so I told my friend that we will do it tomorrow.

I am so excited because Bela’s drum lessons have been postponed for two weeks already. The first time it was cancelled was because Yamaha made a mistake with their schedule and they made a double booking for their 1:30 PM class. Then last week, Howell has a photo shoot and we also went to the doctor for my checkup and Bela’s checkup so I decided to just reschedule it for this Saturday.

Bela is already taking a bath and I will prepare after her and we plan to leave at around 1:15 so we will be sure that we will not be late. Bela is so excited already. She has been practicing all morning the things that her instructor taught her during her trial class.

I asked Howell to bring her camera so expect for pictures that I will post here.