Saturday, February 06, 2010

Enopi Math & English: Enrolled

I made a post here a few weeks ago about our dilemma on whether we will enroll Bela to big school or not this coming school year. This has given me quite a number of sleepless nights (that is why I badly need acne solutions) thinking about this dilemma.

But so far, hubby and I is almost 90% sure that we will move her to big school already. It is just a matter of decision now on whether we will enroll her at St. Theresa’s College or St. Scholastica.

One of the few ways that we are helping her prepare for her enrollment to big school is helping her with her writing skills. We were informed by the Admission Officer of St. Scholastica that we should really train Bela with her writing and she should be really trained in writing by the time school starts in June. Our style is that we will try to practice her writing when we are at home but if Bela doesn’t want to, then we will not force her. Hubby and I realized that this is not really helping her and we really need an expert to help Bela. Hubby’s initial suggestion was to get a tutor that will train Bela with her writing but I realized that instead of just writing, why not enroll her in the Enopi program so she will get training in Math, English, Critical thinking and her writing.

She already started with the Math program since January and she is currently enrolled in both English and Math program. Bela is actually having fun as the Enopi worksheets are really colorful with full of drawings so Bela is really inspired to finish her worksheets. Even when doing homework, it will only take her less than 10 minutes to finish 4 pages of writing assignments so I am happy with how she is enjoying the program.

Her teacher even commented on her last journal report that Bela is already showing more interest in her writing drills so I am really thankful that we decided to enroll her in extra-curricular activities such as Enopi, that will help her with her writing problem.