Friday, April 09, 2010

She is really an Ate Already

I was looking through Bela’s online album in Flickr and I can’t help but feel sentimental because I really realized that time really flies fast. One of my favorite pictures was when Bela was dressed as a doctor during their Career Opportunities Week in her school. I remembered when we asked her what community helper she wanted to be, she immediately said that she wanted to be a doctor.

This coming June, she will be an incoming Kinder student already and before we know it, she will already start on healthcare job search after she graduates from med school.

Before, my only problem was what best brand of diaper should I use, and then it became a dilemma on which school to send Bela for preschool, and now we can’t decide if it is time for Bela to go to big school or not. So what is next? We will start to get worried of her love life. (Oh, no. I think Howell and I is still not ready for that. LOL).

I know we can’t stop our children from growing old and that is really a fact of life and there is nothing that we as parents can do, but to accept that fact. For now, we will just enjoy Bela’s (and soon, our baby boy’s) growing up years.