Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Blessing...Hopefully Soon

These are some of the pictures that hubby took when we attended a birthday party recently. Every time we attend parties, Bela will get so scared and bothered because she is not used to big crowds so we always end up just staying outside the party venue until the party is over before we can go back inside and greet the celebrant. She doesn’t even want to watch the magic show, or join the games or even eat with the other kids. So I was really surprised when she was all game when we attended a party last Saturday.

The party was held in Active Fun in Hobbies of Asia. Maybe because this is one of Bela’s favorite place so she got really excited when we entered the party venue. She asked me if she can play in the playground and so I let her since I know she is not interested to join the party program. So I was surprised when Bela and her nanny went back to the party venue when the party started and when I asked my nanny, she said that Bela wanted to join the program when she heard the party host speaking. And so she joined the games, watch the magic show and she even eat with the other kids. She even joined the longest breathe game and she compete with kids that are much older than her. We brought home lots of prices and she was all excited to count all the prices that she won from joining the game.

I was really one proud mother and I can’t believe that time really flies and Bela is growing up so fast. I can still remember the time when we distributed baby shower invitations a few months before I gave birth and now in just a few months Bela will already be turning 4. Hubby and I decided that Bela is already old enough and we both agree that she is ready to become an older sister. So for this year, we are praying that God will shower us with another bundle of joy and hopefully, we will soon distribute baby invitations that we will order from to all our friends and relatives.

I have shared our plans with my close friends and they too are as excited as we are to receive shower invitations for our second baby. I am praying that in God’s time, we will soon plan for Party Baby Shower for our second blessing.