Wednesday, July 01, 2009

To go or not to go

This has always been a question that I always find difficult to answer every time hubby asks me to go with him when he needs to go out of the country. This coming August he will be going to Germany for one week training and he wants me to follow him there so we can have our dream Euro tour. At least this time, his airfare is free plus our hotel in Frankfurt will be free also so it is a huge savings already.

But hubby proposed that if we will be going on a Euro tour, then why not make the most out of it so when I am done finalizing our itinerary, I realized that we will be out of the country for 20 days. We can’t bring Bela with us as we will be moving from one country to the next in just a matter of days so I don’t think it will be a good idea to tag her along as this trip will be so tiring for a toddler like her. Also, we only plan to do backpacking as you know how expensive Europe is and Bela hates small hotels and bed and breakfasts. Plus there is really nothing much that Bela will enjoy in Europe except Paris Disneyland.

I am really torn. When I first knew of hubby’s training I was really excited and I was really planning for it. I even looked for the best diet pills so I will be really looking great for my Euro pictorial. LOL. But yesterday, I was acting like a crazy mother as I was crying in my office because it finally hit me that it is almost a month away before our departure and I am missing Bela terribly already. Call me overacting but I guess it is a natural reaction for a mother. I was actually chatting with my kumareng Peachy when I accidentally opened Bela’s blog and saw her picture and I cried just like that.

When I asked my friends, they have different views also. Of course this is a perfect opportunity also to spend some quality time with hubby which we never really had the opportunity to do since we always bring Bela along with us everywhere we go. But I kept on asking myself if I will really enjoy this trip without my precious daughter.

I still have a few days to decide. My ticket is still on hold and it is reserved until July 6. So maybe I have a definite decision next week…


julliefer said...

hi sis. i feel for you. nung 2007 2x kami nagbyahe na di kasama si djuan. mega cryola ang drama ko lalo na sa first night. hahaha. i'm still in the process of learning not to bring along the little boy. me konting improvement naman na kasi pag saturday, minsan iniiwan namin sya sa lolo't lola nya. nanonood kami ng sine. wala na guilt and miss factors. pero kung long trip, haay mukhang matagal-tagal pa bago ko matutunan yun. hehehe. good luck sayo. what worked for me on those times was seeing things i know that would make the trip difficult for us especially the little boy. like bad weather for example. you pointed out na rin naman that she might not enjoy the trip so stick with it. unless hilig na rin ni bela ngayon ang eiffel tower. ;) have fun!