Saturday, July 25, 2009

Conversations with Bela

Me: “What do you like to be when you grow up?”
Bela: “I want to be a policeman.”
Me: “Oh really. You don’t want to be a doctor?”
Bela: “No. I want to be a policeman.”
Me: “Why?”
Bela: “Because I want to put all the kulit people in a cage. Like lolo Ben, tito, lolo june and tatay lito”


Bela: “Mommy can I talk to you?”
Me: “Yes, sure we can talk.”
Bela: “Did you know that rooster can’t give us eggs because he is a male chicken.”
Me: “Oh, I did not know that. Thanks for telling me.”


I accidentally step on her foot and so I said:

Me: “Oh, I am sorry Bela. Will you forgive me?”
Bela: “That’s ok mommy. It’s only an accident.”


Bela: “Teacher says that is means one and are is for many”
Me: “Toys? Is or are?”
Bela: “Are”
Me: “Animals”
Bela: “Are”
Me: “Children”
Bela: “Are”

Howell bought a planet mobile for Bela.

Howell: “Do you like your planets?”
Bela: “Yes. They are my favorite thing in the whole world.”
Howell: “When we go to the mall, we will buy plenty of glow in the dark sun and stars and I will put it beside your planets.”
Bela: “You can not have many moons. One moon and many stars. OK?”


Bela, while playing with the Puppy in My Pocket Dog house that her Tito Jp gave to her last Christmas.

Bela: “Tigyaw (that is how she calls her Tito Jp) gave me this dog house. I love Tigyaw. He is the most marvelous person in the whole world.”

One morning, before we go to work:

Me: “Bela, I have to go to the office of. I have to work so I will earn money.”
Bela: “Don’t leave me mommy. I love you. I love you. I want you here. Please, please.”

Bela: “Mommy, I want to go shopping with you.”
Me: “Shopping??” (Wondering where did she learn that.)
Bela: “Yes, I am a girl and girls go shopping together.”
(Patay. Howell might faint when he hears this. He now has two shopaholic girls in the house.)


julliefer said...

hahaha. i love the shopping thing. lol.

flip&flopped conTESSA said...

hahahaha!!! so funny!!!
smart smart girl...

flip&flopped conTESSA said...

I LAV IT!!! hahahahahah!!!
amrt smart girl my pamangkin!!!