Friday, July 03, 2009

Bela's Journal Report: June 22 - 26

A Busy Week with the Green Cocoon
June 22 - 26

Dear Mom & Dad,

We are on our second week of school and the kids are continuing to enjoy going to our different stations. Aside from our stations the kids are also getting excited everyday, awaiting the Specials for the day. This week for Music and Movement, we had hopping, walking in tip toes and jumping while music is playing to strengthen their gross motor skills. For Cooking, we cooked eggs in different ways and had the kids choose which one they like to taste. Too bad we had no classes for two days, we missed this week’s Library Day and AVR Day. However, we still had fun during Outdoor, when we had a school tour.

Ysabela shows eagerness in coming to class. She listens attentively to discussions and participates in answering questions and doing board activities. For our lesson on letter Aa, she was able to recall examples such as ant and anthill. She loves going to different stations and loves the sand and water play station as she usually goes there first once she comes in. She is able to rote count 1-10 and recite the alphabet by rote as well.

Last week, at the manipulative station she was able to creatively put together different shaped blocks and said that it was a castle. She decorated her name tag deciding on where the sequins and what colors to use. She listened attentively when we had storytelling at the Library and participated when needed. She also enjoys manipulating the computer during AVR day. Plus had a very enjoyable time during outdoors playing ball with her peers.

This week, she was able to arrange letter blocks to form MSS and can also say the name of her school when asked. During cooking, she was very interested and excited to help in preparing and cooking the eggs which we cooked in different ways (sunny side up, scrambled and boiled). After cooking she had her share of the eggs which she had fun eating. She even agreed it was delicious. In writing, although she seeks help, she shows interest in doing her tasks and tries to write the lines on her own when asked. She also enjoyed watching herself and her peers from a big mirror hop, jump, and walk on tip toes.

Teacher Sarah, Eulene and Raizza

On our Stations This Week:

* Sand / Water Play Station – Dig for things found in the school and place them where they should be, tracing standing and sleeping lines, tracing slanting lines
* Reading / Listening Station – Sort pictures that begins with Aa, Sort pictures that begins with Ee
* Literacy Station – Spell MSS using letter blocks, Match people in the school to this rooms / workplace
* Discovery / Art Station – Explore a box with things found in the school inside
* Math Station – Counting from 1-10 using things found in school cutouts, Identifying rooms on the left and right, Following instructions: Putting things on the left or right
* Manipulative Station – Aligning 10 beads, Aligning 20 beads and rote counting 1 – 20, Naming rooms and things I the school using pictures, School puzzle.

Next Week’s Lessons:
* Letters Ii and Oo
* Parts of the face and body
* circle and square
* is and are
* same and different
* curve lines