Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bela @ MSS

We have no work today since it is Canada Day so I was able to go with Bela to school today. I was planning to bring Howell’s camera since we haven’t taken a picture of Bela wearing her school uniform and this is the perfect time for me to capture it in picture. Unfortunately, Howell brought his camera for service maintenance at Canon so I just used my Iphone to take some still shots of Bela.

She was still not in the mood when we reached school and she wants me to carry her all the way up her classroom. Since we are still early, we told her that she can play first with the piano outside their room (anyway this is her regular routine before she enters her room). When she is done playing with the piano, I brought her to her room. She doesn’t want me to go at first but Yaya Jenny gave her blocks to play with and so she did not notice that I went out of her room already.

So when Bela was settled inside her room, I was able to take more pictures: