Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hubby’s Option for me

Since hubby noticed that I can’t make up my mind for our upcoming trip this August, he laid down several options:

1. We will take Bela with us.
2. We can change our itinerary so we will just be away for 14 days instead of 20 days (but I tried it and it is really difficult to squeeze our list of places to visit in just 14 days since we have to consider a lot like schedule of flights, etc).
3. We will just have a family vacation when we get back from our Euro trip to make up for those days that we are away from Bela.

I like the sound of option 3 better because this means that we have another reason to travel again. LOL. But if you will ask me what is an ideal family vacation for me, then I can say a nice, relaxing time at the white sand resort in Riviera Maya. I read a lot of good things about Mexican Riviera Maya and if we will go here then I don’t have to worry about Bela since their resort is very child friendly since they offer a lot of activities that is perfect for families so I am sure we wil have a grand time here.

But of course, it all depends on our budget. So we will see….