Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Crocs for her

Howell had a prenuptial pictorial scheduled last Saturday at the ABMC. The couple was not able to make it in time before ABMC closes so they decided to just have their pictorial in Serendra and Bonifacio High Street.

We joined Howell so we can go around Serendra while he is doing his pictorial as it has been a while since we went to Serendra. Our first stop was the Crocs shop. I have been wanting to buy the new Crocs Gabby for Bela but I wanted to order it online instead of buying it here since it is a little expensive. But I compared the prices and it is almost the same price if I order it online plus I have to wait for a few weeks before I can receive it. So last Saturday, I was not able to control myself since the Crocs Gabby is so cute and so I decided to buy one for Bela.

Of course, I got the hot pink color. (Syempre feeling ko mestiza anak ko. LOL).