Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bela's Music

“Music, music. I want music please.”

This is what you will hear from Bela as soon as she enters our car and this means that we have to turn on the radio so she can listen to her favorite music. And it is a delight to hear her sing together with the songs that is being played on our radio. (That is why I like to have one of those satellite radios so we can take our music anywhere we go and let Bela enjoy it with us).

Some of her favorites are:

1. Sing by Carpenters – she calls it the La-la-la song since the song’s lyrics begins with the words “La-la-la-la-la.”
2. Yellow Submarine by Beatles and she sings it like this “We all live in a yellow sub-warine, yellow sub-warine, yellow sub-warine.”
3. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and her lyrics is “Don’t worry about the things….because every little thing, is gonna be all wite….”
4. I shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley again

You see, Bela is always with us or her lolo and lola (who takes her to school every day) so she always hear the songs that is the favorite of the oldies around her. LOL.