Friday, July 24, 2009

For Halloween

This is one of Bela’s favorite costumes.

I had this one made last year after I received the party invitations Halloween from her school. They had a Halloween program where each class will perform wearing their costume and they had a trick or treat around the neighborhood after the program. Bela’s class performed to the tune of “Jungle Adventure” and she was the lion so I had to contact Mrs. Prim to have a sexy lion costume made for her.

Bela really had a great time especially when they went Trick or Treating. This year, I am expecting to receive another Party Halloween Invitations from her new school as I was informed by her teacher that they will have a Halloween program too where they will distribute invitations Halloween to all students and all students will be required to wear Halloween costumes and each class will have a performance too. And of course being the stage mother that I am, I am as twice as excited as my daughter to receive the scary invitations Halloween so I will know what costume I need to prepare for Bela. (Hope they will order the invitations from soon so they can send out the invitations early so I have more time to prepare for Bela's costume.)

I am sure Bela will have a great time again as even up to know, she still will fondly recall her last Halloween program and Trick or Treating that they did from her last school. I asked her what costume she likes to wear for this year and she still likes to be a lion. But I don’t think she can re-use her costume from last year as it is a little soiled already as she sometimes wear it at home (that is how much she likes her lion costume). Maybe she will be a bumble bee this time. But I have to see. I still have to wait for the program details from her school.