Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A day in a life of a green cocoon student

This is Bela’s everyday class routine:

I think they start their day with free play where kids can explore the different stations inside the classroom. Then this is also the time where the teacher does individualized instruction to guide each student in doing their work sheets. Then Circle time is the time for discussions for their topic for the week. Like for example for this week, I think their topic is the different parts of their face, rote counting 1-20, the concept of is and are and other. For Specials / Outdoor, I think Tuesday is for their audio-visual day and Thursday is library day. They also have a Chinese teacher for their Chinese lesson.

So far, I am happy with their curriculum and sometimes Howell and I are really amazed at how fast kids grasps new knowledge. Like when we went to church, I was telling Bela to thank Jesus for giving her good health and then she goes on saying:

“Yes, teacher says God is great, God is good and God gives us food.”