Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maybe, someday

Have you considered migrating to another country? Hubby and I have been discussing this possibility. My aunt who lives in Canada has been convincing us to apply as a skilled worker and live a new life in Canada. They are saying that it is Bela who will benefit since she will get all the benefits like free schooling, medical benefits, and the like.

My aunt moved there more than a decade ago with her kids. When they first moved in Canada, her eldest is just almost the same age as Bela now and now all her kids have a very successful career. Her eldest is a manager at Bell Telecoms, then her second son is the Vice President of the Royal Bank of Canada and her youngest is an English teacher. She said that they really sacrificed and gave up their comfortable life here for a much better opportunity and future for their kids and they really never regret their decision.

That is why they are really convincing us to follow their footsteps. They even told us that we are welcome to stay in their place especially during the first few months when we are just starting. They even gave us contact numbers of long distance moving companies to help us with our move.

Honestly, sometimes hubby and I are so fed up with our system of government that we sometimes want to just live our country. But of course, we are too chicken to start a new life again far from our family. Oh well, we are happy with our current life now so maybe we will be able to consider this possibility again someday.