Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Do you have an educational plan for your kids? We never had one for Bela and we are thinking if we should get one for her or not. After what happened to CAP and to another Education Plan provider who declared bankruptcy and so the plan holders was not able to get their college fund for their kids, I got really skeptical of Educational Plan.

So we just set up a savings account for Bela for her college fund. But I know that this will not earn enough interest and the money is just sitting there in the bank and not earning. So I am looking for other investment options for our savings for Bela.

My friend is into stock options and she is encouraging me to try it too. Although I don’t have any knowledge about investing in stocks, she said that all is taken cared of by her Power Options software. This software is so powerful as it does everything for her – it sorts all the available stocks and then creates a report on which options will give a highest return.

I am so interested to try out this software as I know this is a better choice in investing Bela’s savings account.


Loot said...

Hi there,
I saw your post about saving for education. I rarely make cold calls about my financial planning background but I can help you with units linked investments (variable life). For my daughter, I got her dollar bonds under Manulife. =D
Lou Molina