Wednesday, July 08, 2009

MBA for Bela

It is Bela’s third week at MSS this week and so far, I can say that I am happy with their curriculum. Every time Bela comes home from school, she is always happy and excited to share to us the amazing things that they did in school. And I am just glad, that despite my reluctance at first to enroll Bela at MSS, I can say that I am satisfied and happy with our decision.

I know it is still a long way to go, but as early as now I am already thinking of Bela’s school when she goes to college. Of course we want nothing but the best for her. But if ever she graduates from college and she wants to take masteral degree, I will surely recommend to her Capella University’s online school mba program. I am sure that Bela will have a busy lifestyle too (of course just like her parents) but I am sure that she will have a drive to pursue further studies, so an online course will be her best bet.

My husband and I are currently enrolled in an online program for our masters degree and we are enjoying the benefits of an online program where we can work at our own pace anywhere we are. This will help us finish our course even if we are both busy with work and family obligations. So I am sure, when it is time for our daughter to take an MBA or masteral degree, she will not go wrong if she chooses Capella University.

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