Saturday, March 27, 2010

Conversations with Bela

Bela: “Mom, what kinds of party did I have for my birthday?”
Me: “When you turned one, you had a Tinkerbelle Party. Then Luau party when you celebrated your second birthday, Madagascar when you turned three and Little Einstein Party when you turned four.”
Bela: “Oh, yes, yes. Can I have a princess tea party when I turn five?”
Me: “Yes. We will have the party outside lola Jie’s house.”
Bela: “But why, mom? There is no air there (meaning there is no aircon. LOL.)”
Me: “But it will be fun if we have your party there. We will invite your friends and they can have tea with you during your party.”
Bela: “Ok.”

I actually have no plans of having a party for Bela’s 5th as it is just two months after our planned Christening for our second baby so for sure we won’t have a budget for a big party for Bela when she turns five. But if I will not feel lazy, we might just have a small party at our house, buy promotional products that I can customize based on the party theme (which is according to Bela will be Princess Tea party but I am sure she will still change her mind) for the souvenir, invite our neighbors so it will just be a small party, and then order food from Jollibee to serve to the kids. Or maybe we can just have a double celebration and have the Christening on Bela’s birthday. The only problem is baby boy will be five months old by then and in our family, we want our children to be baptized as early as possible.

Oh well, it is still months away and for sure my mind will still change.