Monday, May 31, 2010

Beauty Industry?

If you will ask me if we have plans of migrating to the US, my answer as of the moment is still No. I love the comfortable life that we live here now. My family just lives beside our house so we can count on them anytime for help. We have a nanny and house help who help us with all the things that we need at home so I can’t give up that life right now.

But I can’t help imagine what career Bela might choose if ever we decide to move to the US. I saw the website of Maryland Beauty School and I think that the fashion and beauty industry is one career path Bela can take.

Maryland Beauty School is among one of the 30 campuses of Regency Beauty Institute across nine states. They provide nothing but the best beauty training as their campuses are like high end salons so their students can be guaranteed effective hands-on experience. Their instructors are nothing but the best in the beauty industry so they can give their students the best training. Plus factor of Regency Beauty Institute is that they have placement connections so they can help their students get a job after finishing the course.

It is still a long way from now before Bela graduates from high school but all we can promise her is that we will support her in whatever career path she chose to take.