Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gone Fishing

When we went to Tagaytay Highlands last summer for the MBAP’s summer getaway, some of us went fishing with our kids before finally deciding to call it a day. I was with Bela at first but then I realized that there is no way I will be able to catch a fish for her. So I have to call Howell for reinforcement. LOL.
Photo Snagged from Jody's FB

Since Howell spent his childhood in the province and I remember he always tells me that they live close to the river where he always spend his afternoon, I thought that he is good in fishing. But after an hour of fishing, Bela and Howell end up with only one small fish. LOL.

Howell got really frustrated but Bela was already so proud of her dad for catching one fish.

Bela: “Oh, good job daddy. You caught a fish.”

So Howell really took this by heart and he swear that if we will renovate our house in Bulacan, he will definitely build a pond and buy pond supplies where he and can Bela can practice fishing. LOL. Don’t worry daddy, you still have less than a year to practice before the next MBAP’s Summer Getaway.