Friday, November 19, 2010

A Big Sister

Bela just turned 5 years old last Tuesday. I can’t believe time really flies so fast and my baby is now a big girl already.

This also made me realize that it is really time for us to seriously consider making investments to secure the future of our kids. I am actually checking out the site of United States Gold Bureau as my husband and I are considering to buy gold bullion.

Gold is a very good investment as its value does not depreciate over time. It can also be easily converted to cash as gold is universally accepted. Its storage won’t be a problem also as it can be safely stored in a safety deposit box at home or arrangements can be made for its storage in any local banks.

I know time will fly just like that and before we know it, our kids are all grown up already. So now that we can still afford to make investments, we should really take this opportunity as it is for the security of our kids.